If it is difficult to pay for the costs for licensing or training so you can return to work in your profession, Windmill Microlending is a non-profit, registered charity, supported by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, offering affordable loans to help skilled immigrants and refugees return to their field in Canada. Additionally, you can also apply for a loan and free one-on-one career counselling through Achēv - Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Program funded by the Government of Canada.

You can borrow up to $15,000 to cover:

  • Up to two years of training or education
  • Qualifying exams with a regulatory or licensing body, including travel expenses
  • Qualification Assessments
  • Tools & Course Materials
  • Living Allowance Shortfall during Study Time
  • And most other costs related to returning to your field in Canada

Loans for internationally trained immigrants can help if you are completing your licensing or professional learning, especially if you have low income and little to no Canadian credit history or collateral. 

Banks and other financial institutions also provide financing options.

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