Tips for a Fire-Safe Winter from Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

Mississauga Fire is proud to serve a vibrant and growing community, which is home to many new Canadians. As you establish roots in your new city, your friends at Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services would like to share some fire safety information to ensure that you build a home which is safe for you and your loved ones.

  • Detection: Whether you live in an apartment or house, every home in Mississauga is legally required to have working smoke alarms on every storey. Smoke alarms are important life safety devices and should be tested every month. Homes that contain fuel burning appliances such as heating or cooking equipment, or have attached garages, must also have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms on all sleeping levels. CO incidents are more common during the winter months so take extra care.
  • Home escape: Be prepared for emergencies and have a home escape plan. Identify two ways out of your home and select a safe outdoor meeting place in front of your home for all members of your household. Ensure all exits, driveways and walkways in your home are clear of snow/ice. Make sure that your house number is always visible from the street. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, keep it clear of snow.   
  • Cooking/candle safety: Unattended cooking is the top cause of home fires in Mississauga so always stay in the kitchen while cooking. Keep your cooking area clean and uncluttered. Candles and incense also cause many home fires. Never leave them unattended or within the reach of children, pets or close to things that can catch on fire.
  • Smoking: No matter how cold it gets, it’s important to never smoke indoors. Use a heavy bottomed ashtray and dispose of smoking materials safely. Never flick cigarettes from apartment balconies as they can start a fire and put your neighbours at risk.
  • Heating: Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away from any heat source like fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators or space heaters. Never use an extension cord with appliances that generate heat. Have your furnaces and chimneys serviced every year.
  • Driving: Snow and ice are major driving hazards. Drive slowly in snowy and icy conditions and invest in winter tires for your car. Never warm up your car inside the garage as this can cause CO build-up. Always dress for the weather.
  • Emergency number: If you experience a fire or other type of emergency, call 911. If you need an interpreter, let them know. It is free to call 911.

As you settle into your new city, feel free to reach out to Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services if you have any questions or concerns about fire and life safety. Follow Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services on social media for daily safety tips and check out their holiday safety video. You can also access fire safety information in many different languages. Wishing you a safe winter! 

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