Language Assessment

You need to get your English or French language skills assessed to:

The language test determines if you meet the minimum requirements in English or French language in the four language abilities:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

There are several language tests that are widely recognized. You will get a certificate of language proficiency that you can use for many purposes.

Language Assessment Outside Canada

Language Proficiency Tests

You must take an English or French language test from an organization approved by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and attach the results of your test with your application.

To learn more visit the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada website.

Language Assessment and Referrals Inside Canada

You need to get your current English language skills tested before you can register for any language classes. Contact Achēv’s Language Assessment Services team to book an appointment.

A language assessment is not a pass-fail test. It is a way to find out which class would benefit you the most. After your assessment, you will receive information about when and where to register and what school you will attend.

For more information read: Language Assessment - What you need to know. You can also use the online English language self assessment tool to find out your current language level before doing a formal language assessment.

Language Learning Programs

Everyday Language Learning Programs

With its large population of newcomers, there are many courses, programs and training options available in Peel Region to help you learn English. Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your English language skills, there are opportunities and resources available to help you and your family.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Once you arrive in Peel Region and wish to learn English, you can apply to take the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) class. LINC classes are free and available for every adult in your family, not just the person who may be looking for work.

These classes are offered at various locations throughout Peel Region by community-based organizations, ethno-specific organizations, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and Sheridan College.  You can check the LINC class locations around your neighbourhood.


  • Are free to adults 18 years or older
  • Are offered full-time and part-time, during weekends and in the evenings depending on the school
  • May offer free child care services
  • May provide transportation for eligible clients

LINC home study

This is a free language-training program for newcomers to Canada who cannot attend classroom programs due to a number of reasons. You can study in your home and have contact on the phone or computer with a teacher every week.


To qualify for LINC classes or the LINC Home Study Program, you must:

  • Have your current English skills assessed
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be either a permanent resident or a newcomer who has been allowed to remain in Canada, to whom Citizenship and Immigration Canada intends to grant permanent resident status and who has not become a Canadian citizen.

It is important to note that Canadian citizens and refugee claimants are not eligible for LINC.

LINC for newcomers who are deaf or have a hearing loss

Canadian Hearing Society offers LINC classes using ASL as the language of instruction to teach functional English and daily life skills.

Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults range from basic literacy to advanced level English.  They also include some specialty ESL classes such as:

  • Speaking English with confidence
  • Business English
  • ESL with computers
  • TOEFL preparation

ESL classes are offered through:

To qualify for ESL classes:

  • You must have your current English skills assessed
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Your first language (mother tongue) is not English

Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

French as a second language (FSL)

French as a Second Language (FSL) is a program designed to help learners improve their general French language skills in some or all of the four main skill areas (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

For more information, visit: Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

English conversation Circles

Some of the Brampton Library and Mississauga Library branches offer English Conversation Circles for newcomers by providing informal free English conversation classes for adults and youth. These classes can help you build your vocabulary and gain confidence by practicing speaking English in a friendly environment.

Work-specific Language Learning Programs

Enhanced Language Training (ELT)

Enhanced Language Training (ELT) programs provide advanced English language training to internationally trained and experienced newcomers. The goal of ELT is to provide job-specific language training to help you find and keep jobs that match your skills and qualifications. 

What does ELT provide?

ELT provides:

  • Higher levels of English language training (Canadian language benchmarks 7-10) to help meet the needs of foreign-trained professionals, entrepreneurs and newcomers who enter the country with basic or intermediate English skills
  • Job-specific terminology for fields such as:
    • Nursing
    • Accounting
    • Engineering
    • Information technology
    • Banking
    • Office administration
    • Teaching
  • Bridge-to-work opportunities such as work placements, mentoring, cultural orientation to the workplace, preparation for licensing exams and internships for eligible clients

These classes:

  • Are free to adults who qualify
  • Are available full-time, part-time, during weekends or in the evenings
  • May offer free child care while you attend classes
  • May provide transportation subsidy

How to qualify for ELT?

To qualify for the ELT program, you must:

  • Have your current English language skills assessed
  • Be internationally trained and have work experience in your sector
  • Be either a permanent resident or a newcomer who has been allowed to remain in Canada, to whom Citizenship and Immigration Canada intends to grant permanent resident status and who has not become a Canadian citizen.

Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

Specialized Language Training (SLT)

Specialized Language Training (SLT) helps internationally trained newcomers to improve English language skills, learn sector specific language and develop communication skills.

Key occupational sectors include:

  • Accounting, Business and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Food and Beverage

Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT)

Work-specific or occupation-specific language training (OSLT) is offered part time or full time at no cost. 

OSLT programs offer:

  • Language training geared to your occupation
  • Practical exercises based on actual workplace communications tasks
  • Career-planning assistance
  • Opportunities to connect with local employers, industries and resources

Contact your nearest Language Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

Learn more about occupation-specific language training.

Online language learning

The Online ESL course is designed to help you improve your language skills for effective communication to meet the growing needs of the ESL population. The online ESL course is catered to expand learning opportunities for learners who are unable to physically attend classes each day.

Note: Learners cannot use these courses to satisfy the citizenship language requirement. 


If you are not being referred to one of these courses by an assessment centre, please click here to download the registration form and the tracking tool. Once you have filled both documents, please submit them by email to Your email should also include a scanned copy of:

  • Your immigration document or citizenship certificate. Please use the same immigration document entered on your registration form
  • Your language proficiency assessment showing your latest level. If you haven't been assessed yet or have an old assessment, you can use an online self-assessment tool such as You will need to attach the result in your email

For additional information, please email or call at 416-439-1293 ext.: 3236

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