To become a citizen, you'll need to take a Canadian Citizenship test to meet the knowledge requirement for citizenship. You'll need to answer questions about Canada's history, geography, political system, national symbols, identity and values, and of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Everything you need to know for the test is in Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

There are many ways that you can access the information of Discover Canada:

Discover Canada is always free.

Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation Classes in Peel 

To prepare for the test, you can take a citizenship class. These classes are offered by English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, community centres or settlement agencies to prepare for the test.

If you want to study on your own, Citizenship Counts and are great websites to help you prepare for the citizenship test. Moreover, you can check out Mississauga library website to access Canadian citizenship including Level of Government, Practice Testing, Language Testing, and Citizenship Study Guide. 

For more information about Canadian Citizenship visit How to Become a Canadian Citizen - IRCC brochure explaining the citizenship application process and eligibility requirements.

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