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Job Search Tools


How do you make sure potential employers know you exist?


The term networking means establishing personal contacts that, among other benefits, may help you to find a job that is not advertised. Personal contacts can be made through volunteer work, community involvement, going to an ethno-specific organization, taking a class, cooperative education, joining a club or child-parent program, going to parties and more.

Directory of Professional Networks for Immigrants

If you arrived in Canada recently and are looking for opportunities to develop professional relationships and networks within your field, this directory is for you.

The directory is available for download by sector, ethno-specific networks or visit for more information.

Search the Internet

The Internet should only make up one part of your overall job search. See a list of excellent job search websites.


Look for jobs listed in newspapers. Look in the classified advertisements section under "Help Wanted" and "Careers."

Join a local chapter of your professional association

Joining and becoming active in professional associations has several major benefits:

  • You interact with people in your field who can give you advice and offer perspectives on the trends in your field (technical, business or employment trends). These contacts can review your resume to make sure the technical terms you use will be understood
  • These contacts can be your references
  • You have an opportunity to show your knowledge by making a presentation at one of the association's events or by writing an article in the association's newsletter

Trade magazines

There are many trade magazines in Canada. You need to locate magazines that pertain to your particular profession or trade or that are most relevant to your occupation.

These magazines have:

  • Articles that describe trends in the industry or sector
  • Articles that provide job search advice or discuss "soft skills" needed for this industry/sector
  • News clips that examine new developments in this industry/sector
  • Notices of events, conferences
  • Job postings

Often, there is a cost to get a subscription for these magazines. Public libraries and University Libraries are a good place to find free trade magazines. You cannot take home these magazines but you can read them for as long as you want in the library.

Recruitment agencies/search firms

Many employers use recruitment agencies for their hiring needs. It is a good idea to select the agency that specializes in your field or industry. These agencies can be a source of information on the trends in the industry as well as a source for networking.

These agencies do not charge a fee to job seekers.

Find a listing of these agencies on the Internet or in the yellow pages directory for your area.

Ontario Job Bank

The Ontario Job Bank is a web-based network of job postings that are available to all Canadians. Job seekers will find jobs posted on this site from across Canada.

Go to job fairs

Job fairs are conducted on a regular basis throughout Peel Region. They are large gatherings of businesses and people looking for work. Job fairs are places to gather information about your industry or specific employers. They are also good places to hand out your resume.

Before you go to a job fair, assemble your resume, references, portfolio and Social Insurance Number and dress professionally.

Look for announcements about job fairs in newspapers, in flyers and in pamphlets at public libraries and employment resource centres.